3 Unique Benefits of Dedicated GPS Units

    Most people today will get along with a very basic global positioning system (GPS) app on their smartphones. That’s especially true when all you need it for is to travel within your city or short jaunts to the countryside.

    If you’re a more serious adventurer, want to go transnational with your business, or even simply enjoy longer and further drives, then you need a dedicated GPS unit with features such as CRPA simulation. Here are the three benefits of getting one for yourself.


    The biggest benefit of dedicated units is that they’re built to be far stronger. Shock- and drop-proofing are very basic features. These make it resistant to the wear and tear caused by constant use and even the toughness of the terrain that you might get into.

    They’re also weather- and waterproof, which makes them perfect for travel over terrains where the climate varies a lot. Knowing that it will function in the most extreme situations makes these types of units a worthwhile investment right off the bat.


    GPS apps on our smartphones rely on line of sight with cellular towers to function with any degree of accuracy. That’s why those apps can be adversely affected by bad weather, rough terrain and even signal interruptions.

    With a dedicated unit, you rely on four satellites unencumbered by the same problems. This is something you can even test with built-in CRPA simulation. This arrangement makes it far more accurate and reliable.


    The maps built into dedicated GPS units are a cut above those you will find on your smartphones. Apart from the specificity of locations, these maps also include information that provides altitude date and often integrate real-world weather patterns.

    This setup ensures you have all you need to plan your trips whether for business or pleasure more carefully. This is perfect for those who take their adventures more seriously.

    If you need these all in a GPS device, then you should definitely get a dedicated unit for yourself.