• 5 Ways to Start Building a Superb Customer Service

    Improving Customer ServiceThe success of your business largely depends on how your product or service is being received by your target market. Next to the quality that you offer, your customer support should be top-notch. Bad customer service can easily break your company’s reputation.

    How will you make sure that you are delivering excellent customer service? JobLogic shares some tips.

    Choose the right people for your team.

    Staffing is the most important. You need to have the right kind of people for your team. More than experience, it is the attitude that matters more. Author V. Kumar identifies patience, empathy, and consistency as essential qualities of a good customer service representative.

    Invest in your customer support team.

    Once you are certain that you have established a good team, do not be afraid to invest in them. Enrol them in seminars and workshops, for instance. Don’t consider it as an unnecessary expense; it's an investment.

    Be available everywhere.

    You should be easily reachable and accessible. Aside from the major system that your company uses, take advantage of other online platforms. Make sure that someone is attending to your social media accounts and responding to customers.

    Evaluate the customer service software that you use.

    If you are not using any yet, you must definitely look into it. If you have an existing one, you need to evaluate your customer service software. UK-based software companies offer the best, so you need not look elsewhere. Consider user interface, support, and scalability when choosing.

    Ask for feedback from your customers.

    The only way to know whether you are doing it right is to hear it directly from your customers. Find a way to integrate this regularly. For example, after every chat session with a representative, ask the customer to rate his experience.

    Regardless of what business you’re in, competition is tough. One way to stand out is to have the best customer service. Your product or service may speak well for itself, but a personalised approach to your customers will make a big difference.