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    Best Tips to Kick-Start your PPC Campaign this 2018

    Thousands of small businesses promote their services and products online, but how could you get your target market to notice yours? Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising could not only help you attract relevant interest but could also help you convert that interest into actual sales. Here’s how to get started on your PPC journey.

    Set Very Specific Goals

    What is it that you’re looking to achieve? Do you just need traffic to your site or sell a product? Or do you need to do both? Regardless of your goals, be extremely clear about your reasons for getting into the PPC bandwagon because your goals would help you choose the most effective keywords for your goals and write an advert that would make people convert.

    Set a Realistic Budget

    How much could you spend for keywords/phrases, taking into account that your costs would significantly vary on your marketing budget, the potential ROI, and the competitiveness of your target market. For instance, if you typically spend 10% of your product’s retail price for marketing and sales, try this estimate and utilize your conversion rates for determining that amount you would need to spend per click.

    Decide on the Search Terms you Want to Use

    All keywords and phrases you must bid on should reflect what your target customers would search for when surfing the net for a product or service similar to yours. C1 Partners says that you need to be very specific, for instance, if you offer PPC management, don’t just use “PPC management”, opt for “Denver PPC management” or “pay per click services in Denver”.

    Create a Convincing Ad

    Your link would come with a short ad that would only include a heading and some text. Again, being specific is key because you only have a few characters to work with. For example, you could try:

    • PPC Services by PPC Experts
    • PPC Management in Denver.
    • Contact Us NOW for a Competitive Quote.
    • PPCExperts.com/PPCManagement

    Direct Customers to the Next Step

    Instead of directing them to the homepage of your site, take them directly to a landing page that’s specifically about your ad. Don’t waste precious seconds and make it easy for them to move on to the next stage, whether to contact you, sell something, or subscribe. For instance, if you’re offering PPC services, provide particular details, examples of your work, a cost estimate, and your contact information.

    And Last, But Certainly One of The Most Important…

    Regularly track the journey of your customers and adjust your PPC campaign to attract and retain their interest. Experiment with keywords/phrases, budgets, and approaches to figure out which ones could give you the best possible outcomes for your bottom line. Because at the end of the day, it’s not all about getting traffic, but making sure that visitors respond to your ad by contacting you, subscribing, or buying.