• Employees looking at analytics

    Analytics in Hollywood: The “House of Cards” Story

    In 2011, Netflix proved to Hollywood that movie industry analytics works. StoryFit and other experts involved in movie analytics explained that it outbid giant networks, such as HBO and AMC, to earn the rights to produce the U.S. version of House of Cards for two seasons with 13 episodes each. At a cost of about […]

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    3 Things to Consider When Setting Up an Online Business

    Are you creating an e-commerce site? Here are three things that you need to outsource to the experts to create a well-designed and secure website to ensure the safety and security of your online business. Web Hosting and Data Security Web hosting companies offer managed IT services here in NJ, from online security to web […]

  • Amazing Benefits of Cloud Testing

    Today, software testing does not require costly infrastructure and sophisticated IT resources. With the cloud, software testing has become easier.  Below are some of the amazing benefits of cloud testing: Low Cost Cloud-based tools are not expensive. They have fewer requirements for hardware, less capital expense, and low depreciation cost. The cloud system eliminates unnecessary […]

  • Expand Your Media Relations

    PR agencies consider reporters and the media, in general, as their bread and butter. This why it’s essential for these PR pros to maintain healthy and good relationships with their media contacts by using a platform for PR. Executives deal with several reporters in different media, including electronic media, online and print, just to give […]

  • 4 Ways to Streamline Your Business Processes

    One of the biggest concerns when running a business is how to streamline processes so that everything will be easier and more efficient. Thankfully, technology has revolutionized the business world so much that there are now plenty of choices for people to do this. Marketing Messages shares some tips on how to make things easier in […]