• Buying NFC tags on a discount

    Four Easy Ways to Reduce Costs when Buying NFC Tags

    NFC tags are the rage at the moment, thanks to their numerous applications in everyday life. One of the recurring questions among people who want to purchase NFC tags is how they can do so affordably. Here are four tips that can help you cut costs: Go for Plain Instead of Printed Like most other things, NFC […]

  • Mobile App

    Better Brand Awareness with a Mobile App

    Companies need a website these days to keep up with the competition. Websites create brand awareness, online presence and search engines. Marketing has forced businesses to step up their game and to develop mobile apps. Not all companies have a technical staff, and these apps are often contracted out to mobile application development services. Each […]

  • NFC payment devices

    Investing in NFC Technology: Is it Worth it?

    Have you ever wondered how some people can pass payment terminals or leave a store without paying? Thanks to new technology, payment is simply a few taps on their smartphones. Such is happening at the present because of Near Field Communication or NFC. Before purchasing NFC tags for your business, you must first understand how […]

  • top view of business team hands with financial reports and a laptiop

    What an HRMIS does and why it is beneficial

    Human resources management information systems (HRMIS) are software tools used in data entry, tracking, and retrieval of employee information. Typically used by the human resources, payroll, management, and accounting departments of an organisation, an HRMIS can be a part of stand-alone platform or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which can be integrated with all […]

  • PPC concept shot

    Best Tips to Kick-Start your PPC Campaign this 2018

    Thousands of small businesses promote their services and products online, but how could you get your target market to notice yours? Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising could not only help you attract relevant interest but could also help you convert that interest into actual sales. Here’s how to get started on your PPC journey. Set Very […]