• Encouraging Independence in an Elderly Loved One

    As a carer of a senior, it is understandable that you want to make their life as easy as possible. Thus, you attempt to shoulder as many of the responsibilities associated with their needed care as you can. However, it’s important that you don’t completely take over, as this can already mean taking away their […]

  • Handling Oil Spills in the Workplace Using 4 Tricks

    When an oil spill happens in the workplace, failure to take appropriate action could endanger people’s lives. In addition, the spill could leave behind a stain and its removal can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent the problem from escalating. Here are some of them: Keep a Spill Control Kit […]

  • Stop Supermarket Theft! Know Your Options

    A New York Times article highlighted one of the important security issues in the retail sector: theft. Of all the stolen products in 2000, about 23 percent were health and beauty products. The numbers fell, though, as different states passed stricter laws on certain products. At first, it may sound as if stealing does not […]

  • Factors That Affect Product Reliability

    Lots of planning goes into the finished goods that are available to consumers every day. From the smallest smart watch to the biggest storage tank, every item goes through a design process that takes into account its function and alternative uses. The plans do not stop with the design, however. Stress testing is also a […]

  • MAP Policy Violation: What You Should Do

    You have gone to great lengths to create a foolproof MAP policy for your products, even publishing it in your site’s Reseller/Partner section and issued a press release about it. However, you find out that a reseller has violated your minimum advertised pricing policy. What could you do? First, Document the Violation and then Send […]