• Common Medical Billing Mistakes and their Solutions

    Healthcare facilities rely on the timely payments of patients to continue operating. At the same time, billers and coders have the responsibility to encode the appropriate data and bill patients correctly. Because of this, they need an efficient process to ensure timely payments. Otherwise, billing and coding mistakes may ultimately lead to financial losses. As […]

  • 3 Ways to Improve Business Operations Efficiency

    Efficiency is one of the key traits that enables a business to grow. Here are three effective ways on how to improve your organisation’s operational efficiency. Cultivate a working environment that promotes open communication. Closed door meetings are part of the corporate culture but if exclusivity dampens employee engagement and morale, then you’re doing it […]

  • Apple’s iOS

    New and Improved? iOS 10 Beta Presents Many Issues to Users

    Apple will update its operating system to iOS 10 in a few weeks, and it seems promising. This change, according to the multimillion tech company, will revolutionize how people use their Apple devices in the years to come, particularly in the way they write and send texts and use apps. This new iOS version has […]

  • Irrational But Powerful: Using Emotions to Create Effective Ads

    Back in 2013, GoPro, in an attempt to advertise their new HD HERO3 camera, released an ad showing a firefighter rescuing an unconscious kitten trapped inside a smoke-filled home. The ad caught the Internet’s attention and was shared numerous times over social media sites. On YouTube, the video currently has over 30 million views. In another […]

  • Why MAP Policies are Good for Everyone

    Online commerce is fraught with competition, and there are times when the pressure to generate sales leads to massive price cutting. This is a fairly effective strategy since consumers are better than ever at finding the lowest price for something. However, even if it drives up business at first, it often means harmful long-term consequences […]