• Common Medical Billing Mistakes and their Solutions

    A man working on his medical bills Healthcare facilities rely on the timely payments of patients to continue operating. At the same time, billers and coders have the responsibility to encode the appropriate data and bill patients correctly. Because of this, they need an efficient process to ensure timely payments. Otherwise, billing and coding mistakes may ultimately lead to financial losses.

    As such, you need to learn about the mistakes often made in the billing and coding process. More importantly, you need to find out why these mistakes occur and come up with solutions to prevent them from happening again — solutions such as a medical billing software program.

    Wrong Encoding

    Human error can cause the incorrect encoding of patient ID numbers and these incorrect patient IDs may result in the denial of claims to patient insurance providers. Denials, of course, will lead you to resubmit claims during work hours you could have used for something else.

    Prevent this mistake by ensuring the correct encoding of patient IDs the first time around. You can do the same with numerical data as well.

    Mismatched Linkages

    Code linkage shows the medical necessity of procedures by linking diagnosis codes with procedure codes. When the code linkage gets switched around and fails to show medical necessity, insurance providers will refrain from paying you.

    To keep this from happening and to ensure correct code linkages, be familiar with your procedure and diagnosis codes.

    Several other mistakes may lead to problems in your billing and coding processes; a medical billing system is a potential remedy. It can facilitate the processes in your healthcare facility with a range of features such as claim verification, data correction, claim scrubbing, and claims management.

    Wrong encoding and mismatched linkages are common problems encountered by billing and coding staff. A software program helps your healthcare facility keep track of correct records. With that said, ask your local software provider for more information about a suitable program for you.