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    Destination Wedding Welcome Bags Your Guests Never Knew They Needed

    Whether you met the old-fashioned way or through a matchmaking app, destination weddings are a fun way to start your union with your partner. And contrary to popular belief, it ends up costing less than a wedding in the city.

    Parties at destination weddings are generally small and intimate as only close friends and relatives will travel and spend to make their way to the wedding ceremony. It is also a great way to bond with friends and family during the special occasion since most guests are housed within the same resort and won’t need to go home early to get up for work the next day.

    As a result, guests at destination weddings can free themselves of their inhibitions and enjoy to the fullest. To show appreciation for your guest for making the journey and join you on your special day, treat them to a practical welcome bag they will surely love. Here are a few ideas.

    Beach Kit

    If your wedding will be held in a tropical resort and enjoying the beach is the first order of business, prepare a welcome bag of beach essentials for your guests. The welcome bag itself may be a beach bag containing a beach towel and sunblock.

    Purchase sunglasses wholesale so you can also include a pair for each guest. Be sure to include after-sun relief gels since guests might forget to pack this item.

    Hangover Recovery Kit

    If you planned for an ultimate wedding party with free-flowing drinks, chances are, majority of your guests will be sloshed by the end of your party and miserable in the morning nursing their respective hangovers.

    Prepare a welcome bag made up of hang over recovery essentials to help them prepare for another round of inebriated revelry. Fashion the welcome bag as a first-aid kit against hangovers stocked with seltzers, headache medication, energy drinks, coffee, vegetable juice and mints. You could even include a cocktail coupon to be used at the resort bar for a dose of the “hair of the dog.”

    Destination weddings are a great way to say goodbye to being single and start a new chapter of your life with your partner. Show your guests how much you care and appreciate their presence by treating your them to a welcome bag stocked with essentials your they never knew they needed.