• Buying NFC tags on a discount

    Four Easy Ways to Reduce Costs when Buying NFC Tags

    NFC tags are the rage at the moment, thanks to their numerous applications in everyday life. One of the recurring questions among people who want to purchase NFC tags is how they can do so affordably. Here are four tips that can help you cut costs:

    Go for Plain Instead of Printed

    Like most other things, NFC tags can be customised with your logo or some other artwork. However, this customisation comes at an extra cost. Keep in mind that NFC tags are complicated microchip items, and adding a custom print can up your expenses significantly.

    Opt to Two-Part the Process

    If you decide to go for printed NFC tags, try to keep the cost low by two-parting the process instead of creating a fully custom chip. If, for instance, you intend to put hangers on a liquor bottle, consider putting a simple tag on a printed card hanger instead of making a fully integrated printed tag.

    Choose Smaller Chips

    NTAG series chips are, at the moment, the most preferred NFC tags. These chips come in varying sizes. The thing to note is that the larger memory chips perform the same way as their smaller counterparts. So instead of spending more money on the bigger NTAG chips, it is wiser to stick with the smaller, cheaper, options.

    Buy from a Local Supplier

    Buying from a locally based supplier can help you save a lot on import tax. If you are in the UK, for instance, it is best to purchase your NFC tags from a supplier in the UK than importing directly from U.S. or Asia.

    Buying NFC tags does not have to be the preserve of techies. With some insight, you can shop the ideal tags for you and even get to save in the process.