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    How to Enhance your Company’s IT Security

    Cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses today regardless of their size. This is because most rely heavily on computers and security breaches are at an all-time high. Over 40% of companies experienced at least eight hours of downtime last year due to IT security breaches.

    Most profit-oriented companies have outsourced IT support like NetStandard to improve their security to manage their services better. This considerably decreases their needed IT security workforce and infrastructure expenses. Here are the primary managed services most providers have designed for IT security.

    Remote Monitoring

    This is perhaps the most popular type of managed IT service. Remote monitoring continually tracks all the activities on your network and analyses their risk to your business’ data and information systems. It also assesses inbound connections which might be efforts to hack your system. Other than boosting your IT security, remote monitoring also detects and locates any issues which need fixing in your system.

    Vulnerability Testing

    This service evaluates the ease of hacking into your software or system way before it occurs. It then takes the necessary steps to prevent the security breach. Vulnerability testing typically involves software scans in conjunction with malicious attacks to detect the areas in your system most prone to attacks. Its point of focus is usually your IT system’s perimeter.

    Risk Assessment

    All businesses work in collaboration with others outside their organization for success. Risk assessment helps your organization fully understand the possible threats your business is exposed to from the people you work with. The service then helps your company put in place policies to alleviate and control these threats.

    Even the slightest breach in your IT security could spell doom for your business. With the above services, however, you can be sure that your IT security needs are sufficiently met. This way, you will create a stable business computing environment which places you ahead of your competitors.