• Managing Social Media to Benefit Your Brand Instead of Ruining It

    Social media accounts may be free, but they are not useless for your business. They hold quite the power when utilized properly. For the most part, they do not cost anything to set up. But should access be given to just anyone?

    There are good and bad ways to manage your brand’s social media account. Here are three ways that will benefit you:

    Update Regularly

    Your social media account might as well be dead if you post once in a blue moon or just when you remember that the account exists. If you can’t be bothered to come up with professional sounding posts, include social media management in your list of tasks to outsource. Having someone in Ottawa dedicated to just posting relevant content will make sure your account is on point.

    Reply Politely

    Interaction and client engagement are reasons to keep social media accounts alive. When clients ask you a question, they expect a professional reply (unless humor is part of your brand). If you reply to them in an impolite or crass manner, they might not appreciate the attitude and take their business somewhere else. Oh, and they might also badmouth you to their friends, and use their social media accounts to tarnish your image.

    Address Concerns Quickly

    Part of being professional is knowing how to respond promptly. When a client is asking a time-sensitive matter, such as when your business closes for the evening, they want a reply that will not take weeks. They might be on the road planning a visit, but you’ll be wasting their time by not replying. It’s sheer luck if they happen to reach your business location while it’s still open, but if they see it closed and you respond to them the next day, they will not be pleased–and they might not return.

    Social media accounts are easy to set up but don’t take them for granted. They are what makes or breaks your business in the long run.