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    New and Improved? iOS 10 Beta Presents Many Issues to Users

    Apple’s iOSApple will update its operating system to iOS 10 in a few weeks, and it seems promising. This change, according to the multimillion tech company, will revolutionize how people use their Apple devices in the years to come, particularly in the way they write and send texts and use apps.

    This new iOS version has been available in beta for a while now. This move may be a good choice for Apple since it’ll be easier to detect issues — but for users, it’s not.

    So what problems have people ran into while using the beta?

    Battery Drain

    Apple promised that the iOS 10 would come with an improvement in battery life. The beta release, however, caused excessive battery drain for some users even when they are using the device normally.

    To fix the problem, users must do a hard reboot using the Home and Power button, and check if there is any app using the battery excessively. To extend the battery life, it also pays to turn the Low Power Mode on and the Background App Refresh off. If all else fails, Apple Fix recommends bringing the device to a repair centre.

    Stutters While Switching Apps

    There is a bit of stuttering with the iOS 10 when double-clicking the Home button to switch apps. The switching feature works, but not as seamless or as smooth as it is in the previous OS. This lagging issue seems to worsen when using multiple apps.

    A force restart is a good first step to reducing the lags. Disabling motion effects and background app refresh may work as well. If all else fails, a downgrade to iOS 9 may be in order.

    Numerous Music-Related Bugs

    There are numerous bugs and issues with the iOS 10 when it comes to music, audiobook and podcasts. In the Music app, for instance, the “Recently Played” section does not refresh immediately. For podcasts and audiobooks, deleting Apply Music may prevent playback, especially those done through certain accessories.

    In this case, the only solution is to downgrade to iOS 9.

    With the battery, app-switching, and music-related issues, it seems testing out iOS 10 this early is not a smart choice.