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    Quadcopter Surveillance: The Neighborhood Watch

    QuadcopterWhen law enforcement fails, most civilians would organize themselves into a ’neighborhood watch’ with the ultimate goal of limiting or fully preventing crime in their respective community. Although a rag-tag team of neighbors setting themselves up as modern day superheroes is a romantic idea, the scope of their surveillance is often limited to how many there are.

    With the introduction of drones and quadcopters to society, the potential of making the neighborhood watch a real threat to crime becomes all the more real. The idea of a mobile eye in the sky is deterrent enough for even the most ambitious of criminals.

    Mobile Surveillance

    When you compare quadcopters, the first two things you should consider are its mobility and the camera’s power. In ideal situations, your quadcopter needs only to fly from one surveillance point to another as it’s scoping out the area for potential criminal activity. The drone’s mobility only kicks in when you actually detect crime and may have to chase the criminal around the neighborhood. If you think this is easy, think again. From telephone poles and wires to trees, there are a lot of things the drone needs to avoid and the criminal would do everything to get out of its view.

    When flying drones, comparison between them and RC copters inevitably arise, but it is important to note that they require more skill to operate, and this should also play a role in terms of which one you would purchase.

    The power of the drone’s camera is actually secondary, since capturing the crime itself is often enough. But, having a more powerful camera has a few benefits; for one, you and the law enforcement you’ll be working with will have an easier time identifying the culprit, and you’ll have more solid evidence against them. If you’re planning on surveying your neighborhood with a drone, camera comparison should be a priority, but should come only after you’re comfortable with how mobile it is.

    With these in mind, it’ll be easier for you to figure out which model would best suit you and your community’s surveillance needs. Before you decide on buying one, check out some online reviews for more in-depth quadcopter comparison to make the better choice.

    Surveillance and Security Concerns

    Although quadcopters are without a doubt potent in the realm of surveillance, they still face issues in terms of whether it is even legal to use them for security purposes. Whether it’s a small or big community, a quadcopter may unknowingly be intruding in private property, which can raise a host of legal and security concerns. Before you attempt to use drones for the neighborhood watch, it is important that every homeowner agrees to the idea of a quadcopter constantly monitoring and policing the skies.

    Although drones are still in a transitional phase in terms of mobile surveillance, there is no doubt that they are changing the way civilians see their position when crime strikes. A quadcopter in the right hands has the potential of fully deterring crime and violence from happening, and ensuring that criminals get their just rewards.