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    Being Referred to Another Dentist

    Many patients are referred to dentists outside of their normal practice. This is commonplace in the world of dentistry. It isn’t anything for patients to worry about, it’s just like getting referred to a consultant at the hospital.

    Dr Joe Bhat, dentist, is referred to by over 300 dental practices in the UK for dental implant surgery. The reason is that the patient’s general dentist wants the best care possible for this complex treatment.

    Many dentists in the UK can place dental implants but not many have the same expertise. For more complex cases, a dentist may want some help from outside of their own practice.

    Dentist, Joe Bhat and Dental Implants

    As a dentist, Joe Bhat is one of the UK’s most experienced when it comes to dental implants, which is why practices across the UK refer their patients to him. He has placed more than 5,500 dental implants over his career. His practice has been focused solely on dental implants for the last 16 years.

    The Benefits of Dental Implants

    Implants are the most stable and durable form of tooth replacement. This is because they work with the body to form a secure foundation to restore the tooth.

    Implants actually serve to protect the rest of the natural teeth in the smile by helping to maintain the health of the jawbone. When a tooth is lost, the jawbone can begin to shrink in size and the gums that once supported a tooth can begin to shrink away from the remaining teeth. This can put them at risk of being damaged or even lost.

    Implants provide the same type of stimulation as the roots of natural teeth, helping to maintain the density of the jawbone.

    Implant Procedure

    A small hole in is drilled in the jawbone to fit the implant. Over three to six months, the dental implant will integrate with the bone, creating a stable foundation for tooth replacement. The body recognises the implant as natural tissue and grows blood vessels and bone around it, securing it in place. Any number of teeth can be replaced with dental implants and dentures can be secured on just four implants.