Do you ever wish you could take your business with you wherever you are and not be limited with how you can accept payments? If before that is just a wish upon a star, now it is a reality. With Clover Go offered by firms such as CloverPosLove, you can accept cards, chip, and contactless payments through the use of a smartphone or tablet.


This compact POS device is a compact and portable all-in-one POS system that can accept different payment methods such as magnetic swipe and EMV chip cards, as well as contactless payments like Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, thus making business transactions go faster and smoother.

It is a stand-alone device but can also be used together with the other Clover devices. You also get your own online account where you can access your profile and make changes to your settings when needed.

Another feature you might find interesting is real-time inventory where you can easily see when it is time to purchase new orders, so you never go out-of-stock ever again. Additionally, you can set the amount to be paid including the taxes and tips, as well as void or refund any transaction found in your history.

Mobile Device Requirements

This compact POS device is compatible with Android devices with OS version 4.4 and higher and Apple devices with IOS version 8.2 and higher. The oldest iPhone model supported is the 4s. And if you noticed, iPhone 7s do not have any headphone jacks, so how to deal with it?

Do not worry, there is a Bluetooth version of this POS device that iPhone 7 users can use instead. Windows phones, however, are not yet supported.


While accepting payments through smartphones is nothing new, it has always had its fair share of security issues. Clover utilizes TransArmor’s strong payment security system in protecting your data, so you and your customers are safe from any fraudulent online activity.

Clover Go may come in a small package, but it is full powerful and versatile features that can benefit any type of business. It supports both Android and Apple devices and runs on a WIFI or 3G connection.

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