Controlled reception pattern antennas or CRPA is a term related to GPS anti-jam technology that is used for defense. CRPA is a system of antenna elements that generally functions by exploiting spatial diversity. There are several CRPA simulators that you can purchase in order to test the precision of the CRPA to ensure its accuracy. However, to make sure that the results will stay consistent, it is imperative that you conduct maintenance on a regular basis. Here are a few areas that you may want to cover when maintaining your CRPA simulator.

Preventive Maintenance

You should make sure that the CRPA simulator is properly maintained at all times. Improving its maintainability will guarantee that the machine will be able to maneuver both the hardware and software environments where you will be utilizing the GNSS equipment.

Perfective Maintenance

With perfective maintenance, you will be able to properly address all the functional changes that the CRPA simulator requires in order to meet the industry requirements. Any performance improvements done on the CRPAs will also fall on the perfective maintenance category.

Corrective Maintenance

CRPA simulators still have a margin of error at times despite their quality. When this happens, it is essential that you identify those errors and have them corrected before they can cause any major issues with your GPS system. Check the polarizability of your simulator and other factors that may affect its performance to ensure that it will function properly.

Proper maintenance of your CRPA simulator is essential to make sure that the machine will work properly at all times. It is highly advisable to work with a reputable supplier so that you will get more advice on how to properly maintain your CRPA simulator and the number of times that you have to do it on a yearly basis.