The Internet has become the most utilized medium for businesses to market their products and services. In just over two decades, the changes in advertising, from largely print to overwhelmingly digital, have been remarkable. There are many ways to market a business – but a manufacturing firm may want to seek the services of a manufacturing advertising agency to cater to the highly specific nature of the industry.

Since manufacturing firms generally deal directly with businesses and other industries, and not so much with the end-user of the products, they might feel like it is not important to establish an online presence. However, the power of the Internet could propel the manufacturer’s business to new heights. Below are some ways to take advantage of the digital marketing field.

1. Marketing your catalog online

Using an interactive product or service catalog will provide information about your products and services, and this will increase your brand’s visibility. This, in turn, helps your sales team present your products and services more efficiently.

2. Expanding PR efforts through social media

To further improve brand awareness, PR strategies are great options. Using social media platforms is the cheapest way to extend such efforts. Press releases should not just be on your website. They must be distributed on popular social media sites. This way, your search engine rankings also go up and you reach more customers.

3. Adding product documentation on your website

Aside from relevant content, technical product documentation adds value to your clients, as it provides them with more information about your offerings. Publish your documentation on your website, as this also creates a link between your brand and your clientele. Online documentation can also partially or completely replace print documentation. It is cheaper and is updateable.

Like any other business, you, too, can harness the power and potential of the Internet for your manufacturing company. With a reliable agency by your side, you can take your company to the next level.

SEO RebrandingStarting over again isn’t just terrifying for relationships — the same applies to campaign rebranding.

Initially, it seems like a formidable task, especially when your SEO is stable. The last thing you want is to compromise your rankings. Does changing the company name lose all your hard-earned progress?

Fortunately, SEO rankings need not be byproducts of rebranding. The secret lies in a smooth transition — the love child of research and doses of hard work. The rewards aren’t instantaneous, but your business will thank you in the future when your rankings don’t drop tremendously due to rebranding.

No Such Thing as Forever

Old sites, despite their success, need to go someday. Site lifespans, however, remain points of contention in terms of SEO rebranding. Some SEO experts in the Twin Cities recommend leaving a site up for a few days, while others argue permanent maintenance isn’t an issue.

Leaving an inactive site up forever consumes time. To avoid potential troubles, revisiting the site regularly is a must. Some businesses do so to keep their URL or, should they feel nostalgic, visit the old site again.

Everyone, however, agrees that taking down an old site when a new site launches is NOT an option. Servers take a few days before they recognize a new IP address. Play it safe by leaving the site up for another three to seven days.

Keep Your Name (If You Can)

A fresh start seems to call for all things new. But did you know that one of the best ways to survive a rebrand is by keeping your original domain name?

It’s not always the practical choice, but changing your name poses a risk, especially to your search engine traffic. You lose them if you’re not careful. If you feel like changing, preserving the original content and using redirects are your best options.

Everyone Should Know

Rebranding is useless if no one knows about it. Once you’ve finished overhauling your image, update ALL social media platforms. Depending on the network, changes can be simple or challenging. Know their regulations concerning rebranding to avoid blunders along the way.

Change isn’t always comforting, but sometimes it’s necessary. When done right, expect better rewards for your SEO efforts in the future.

Local SEO Services in PerthSearch engine optimisation is a vast technique that usually changes to accommodate the latest trends on how people use the Internet. There was a time when keyword research was enough, but that all changed when Google became stricter about the quality of content websites publish.

Now, another trend is dominating: localised searches.

The Emergence of Local SEO

Local SEO is more powerful than ever right now because people are relying on the Internet to get what they want exactly when they want it. There are also more mobile users than desktop users now, which means people are using search engines on the go. If you have physical stores, improving your local SEO is simply a necessity.

Here are some tips from SEO Perth Experts to help you make that happen.

Build Up Your Brand on Listing Sites

Business listing websites such as Yelp, Google Places, Zomato, and TripAdvisor are important in local SEO because aside from social media, this is where people go when they want to know more about establishments. You should provide accurate information about your business and encourage your loyal customers to leave glowing reviews. This is vital to attracting even more people to try your products and services.

Check Your Competition

Just last year, Google allowed seven local search results to appear on the map where users are specifically searching for something. For example, seven pizza parlours will appear if the user inputted ‘pizza place in (area)’. Now, only three businesses will appear. This makes the competition ever stiffer.

Always check if your site appears there. If not, you can do these to improve your chances:

  • Make sure your business name, contact number, and address are consistent on the web.
  • Get more high-quality backlinks.
  • Make your site mobile-friendly.
  • Improve web design for better user experience.

By doing these things, you’re automatically opening your business up to more leads and possible customers. Be consistent and provide great products and services to earn great reviews for your business.

Direct Mail Marketing Direct mails can reach a specific target, and they have a personal touch necessary in developing new customers. Compared to emails, consumers are more likely to receive direct mails, as the postman doesn’t need to ask for permission to put mails in the mailbox. On the contrary, online users may activate filters to block all sales and promotion emails.

When done right, direct mail marketing is cost effective. If done haphazardly, however, it is useless. So, to maximize the potential of this marketing tool, you must avoid the following mistakes:

1. Poor Mailing List

With the recent development in mail machines for businesses, it is now easier to make and send a bulk of mails every day. But with an inappropriate or non-updated mailing list, a large number of mails will only end up in trash bins. It is important that you know the interest of your clients. Not all of them would have an interested on all of your products. Make sure you use a suitable mailing list for each promotion or product.

2. No Personal Touch

Personal touch is one of the advantages of direct mail marketing, so make use of it. Letters that sound like they were churned out by robots also end up in the trash bin. Personalize your mail by using the customer’s name all throughout the letter. Check the tone of the letter as well; a light, conversational tone is always better.

3. Boring Opening Line

Once the recipients open your mail, your letter should immediately grab their attention. Whether it is a question, a line, or a statistic, the opening line of your letter should arouse curiosity. Remember, humans now have a shorter attention span – a mere 8 seconds. If you wow them with your first line, they will likely read the rest of the letter.

Avoiding these common pitfalls will lead to a higher return. So, start assessing your current direct mail marketing campaign. If you see one of these mistakes in your campaign, you know what to do.

Local SEO in BrisbaneBuilding up your local SEO, especially if you have physical stores and establishments, is important for the success of your business. More people are now using mobile devices over desktops because they want results on-the-go. If you don’t have a local SEO presence, people who are willing to go to your physical stores won’t have the chance to discover you.

Here are some things you need to establish your local SEO:

On-Page Elements

Your website should contain localised information for search engines to tag them correctly. This way, people who are near your stores will likely get your website as one of the top search results. All your landing pages should have unique page titles, keywords, Meta descriptions, content, contact details, and structured data that are in line with the location of your business.

Google My Business

Google is still one of the most powerful factors in online marketing, even​ and other SEO experts in Brisbane agree to this. That’s why you need to build your website’s visibility in Google My Business listings. All information you send should be accurate, so you can enjoy being shown in SERPs and syndicated across many other online platforms.

Review Websites

Reviews websites like Yell, TripAdvisor, and Zomato operate through word of mouth. People can leave reviews of your business that others can read and base their decision to visit your store or not. That’s why you need to encourage your loyal customers to rate your business and leave glowing reviews about your store. The more reviews, the better impact you’ll make in local search. This is probably the most organic part of local SEO, so be sure to invest in it and make your brand a more appealing one.

These are just a few things that can help you improve your local SEO standing. Work with an SEO agency that can help you implement these strategies efficiently.