Perimeter FenceSay goodbye to trespassers, burglars, or other criminals with top notch security systems. Some of the best security systems are reserved for important assets. You may be working in transportation, a utility site, an industrial facility, or in a government or military location. Equipment, infrastructure, and individuals in these places need protection from vandals, saboteurs, thieves, and other threats.

Keeping Out Trespassers

You can protect everyone and everything inside a specific area with effective security systems. One system you can use is a perimeter fence. Perimeter fences offer basic security by keeping out unwanted guests. You can have your perimeter fence made out of iron, aluminium, or wire mesh.

Sensing Breaching Attempts

You can upgrade your perimeter fence with an electric fence. An electric fence has a sensor which reacts to cutting, climbing, or spreading. Once tripped, alarms will ring. This type of perimeter fence may work great with large areas where you may probably have a hard time finding intruders without a sensor.

Detecting Intruder Movement

For added security, you can also install microwave motion sensors. These can detect the slightest movement of any intruder. They are long-lasting and resistant to harsh weather. The sensors’ reach may also extend beyond walls or perimeters, depending on their locations. You will then have even more protection, says an expert from Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd.

Complimenting Microwave Sensors

Another kind of sensor you can use is an infrared sensor. Infrared sensors also detect movement, but only if an intruder passes an infrared beam emitted by the sensors. These sensors work great when paired with microwave motion sensors; the infrared sensors keep the microwave sensors from reacting to false alarms.

Tracking Intruder Steps

Finally, you can install buried cable detection systems. Sensors and fences can be seen and studied by potential intruders. When you need a secret security system, buried sensors will work for you. They can detect precise locations of movement in its range.

You can choose from the four of the previous security systems or combine all of them. With these systems installed, important assets will be safe, and you can relax.