More and more people are learning that there is no need to limit yourself to a single source of income. Aside from your day job, there are a variety of ways to legitimately earn extra cash. Consider doing any one of the following to augment your income:

  1. Get paid for using your mobile device – Some companies are willing to pay cash for those who use their apps. You can get paid for  simple tasks such as posting a photo or a quick status post to generate more traffic in their applications. The pay is very minimal, but the task is effortless. It is a good way to earn a bit of money for little to no effort.
  2. Render simple but random services– There are websites which connect service providers with those in need of small or short-term services. These could include a quick delivery or taking their pets for a walk.
  3. each online – You can teach students from all over the world in the comforts of your own home. There are many English teaching sites which welcome part-time teachers. You can choose your own schedule and work in your own time. All you need is a stable internet connection and a few set hours every week. They even pay you a premium if you have a second language like Mandarin or Japanese.
  4. Drive in your spare time– You can try registering your vehicle to online transport services to ferry passengers during your off hours. Not only will you get extra income, you may even have enjoyable conversations with interesting passengers once in a while.
  5. Volunteer as a panelist or participant in surveys– Marketing agencies are always looking to improve their knowledge of their market so that they can adjust their products and services accordingly. You can participate in online or panel surveys or focus group discussions. Not only will you be given an honorarium for participating, you may even get to try new products and services. Participating in surveys with rewards is a great way to earn extra cash while helping improve the pool of products and services available in the market.

If you can usea few extra bucks to plump up your savings, consider doing any of these schedule-free work opportunities!

Reselling OnlineIt’s much easier these days to set up your own business and market it. Whether you’re manufacturing your own products or reselling another business’ goods, there’s a way to make it happen online.

Manufacturing Your Own Products

This would cost more, but the returns are better. Your capital should support not only the store, but the manufacturing process. Manufacturing your own products may involve the use of machinery, which you can either buy or rent. You may need to bring in the services of another company. For example, a reliability testing of your products.

You need a manufacturing floor, as well. The size and expense of which will depend on the size of your products, the work involved, the machinery or tools, and a place for storage of materials and your finished products.

Selling for Others

Becoming a reseller is more straightforward. You may not even need a space for storage since all you have to do is direct orders to your source and they can handle even the shipment. For some resellers, however, having storage space for keeping products — which may be available for consignment or which the reseller may have purchased — is important. As with manufacturing your own, having products for reselling means protecting them while they are with you.

Being a reseller may also mean shipping the items yourself. For this, you need to deal with courier services or have a vehicle for delivering the items yourself.

With both types of businesses, you’ll still need to apply for the required business permits in your city. You may also need insurance. The requirements also become more complicated when you need employees and customer service. Employees will need insurance and salaries, plus other benefits. They also need space for working. Customer service teams have the same needs plus a more complicated infrastructure for answering customer concerns. It makes sense to talk to a lawyer so you’re legally covered with every move.