The Internet has become the most utilized medium for businesses to market their products and services. In just over two decades, the changes in advertising, from largely print to overwhelmingly digital, have been remarkable. There are many ways to market a business – but a manufacturing firm may want to seek the services of a manufacturing advertising agency to cater to the highly specific nature of the industry.

Since manufacturing firms generally deal directly with businesses and other industries, and not so much with the end-user of the products, they might feel like it is not important to establish an online presence. However, the power of the Internet could propel the manufacturer’s business to new heights. Below are some ways to take advantage of the digital marketing field.

1. Marketing your catalog online

Using an interactive product or service catalog will provide information about your products and services, and this will increase your brand’s visibility. This, in turn, helps your sales team present your products and services more efficiently.

2. Expanding PR efforts through social media

To further improve brand awareness, PR strategies are great options. Using social media platforms is the cheapest way to extend such efforts. Press releases should not just be on your website. They must be distributed on popular social media sites. This way, your search engine rankings also go up and you reach more customers.

3. Adding product documentation on your website

Aside from relevant content, technical product documentation adds value to your clients, as it provides them with more information about your offerings. Publish your documentation on your website, as this also creates a link between your brand and your clientele. Online documentation can also partially or completely replace print documentation. It is cheaper and is updateable.

Like any other business, you, too, can harness the power and potential of the Internet for your manufacturing company. With a reliable agency by your side, you can take your company to the next level.

Website Development in DenverWhen developing a website, a great developer knows that the first thing to do is to actually put himself or herself in the shoes of a potential visitor to determine exactly what the visitor needs. This is especially true when designing a site for a restaurant. When developing a restaurant site, keep the following guidelines in mind.

A Natural Design Approach to UX

UX design is focused on how visitors interact with a site’s interface. With restaurant sites, visitors only need to accomplish simple tasks — browse the food and menu, get the restaurant’s location, know the operation hours, and maybe ask questions or read about the restaurant. Include all these vital information and serve it in the most straightforward way. Denver Data Web‘s website developer in Denver also suggests that you show the location of the restaurant through an embedded Google Map. Visitors could click this using their mobile devices to open a map app and obtain directions. In relation, ensure that the site is optimized for mobile visitors.

The Right Photographs are Vital

When it comes to websites, photography could make or break absolutely everything — more so with a restaurant website. Bad images will make a website look off-putting and unprofessional, while excellent images will complement the entire composition and show visitors how delectable the restaurant’s food is.

Make Web-Based Menus, and Not Downloadable PDFs

Up to now, some restaurants just put links to their downloadable PDF menus on their website. However, this is inconvenient, especially if you could simply integrate food menus directly on one of the web pages.

Take Advantage of Color

This is tremendously crucial, and best of all, easy to do. The right colors will help set the ambiance for the site and enhance appeal and enticement. While it’s fine to use bright colors, just make sure your use of color won’t take attention away from the important elements and will instead tie everything together seamlessly.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Add a Like Box for Facebook to the site’s sidebar so when users see the faces of their Facebook friends who are following the restaurant, they’ll be more inclined to follow suit. Put reviews from social sites like Yelp and others, as well as share buttons to content highlights. In addition, consider FourSquare for increased exposure.

The bottom line, make sure that visitors won’t have to hunt essential information. Ultimately, your job is to serve and present information the most usable, yet appealing manner, and not to simply create a website that’s beautiful.

Website DesignAs a business owner, building a website that attracts the right visitors and easily convert them is important. There’s a time, however, when a website doesn’t serve its intended function and the only way to correct this is through a redesign. Nonetheless, do not be in a rush to redesign your website. It’s a process that requires you to carefully plan ahead.

Here are some important do’s and don’ts if you are considering a website redesign:

Do: Have a budget in mind

Having a budget in place before redesigning your site is essential. This will help you define a realistic scope and an expected timeline for the redesign. You don’t want to set a low budget that won’t effectively cover the required scope could you disappointed.

Do: Focus on user experience and functionality

Unknown to many, a visitor will leave your site if a page takes more than 2 seconds to load. It is, therefore, important to prioritise functionality and user experience. Redesign your website should enhance the average user’s interaction with your company. You can analyse your site’s speed using Google’s page speed tools.

Do: Plan from the start

Hiring a Brisbane web design company should be your first step. Talk to them about your concerns and what you’d like to change. An experienced web designer can pick out the right colour scheme and theme to make your site look credible and reliable.

Don’t: Be fixated on the launch date

Quality things take time. Focusing so much on your launch date may make you miss out on the most important aspects such as the quality of the site and the things that need to be changed.

Don’t: Focus more on the homepage design

Although your home page is the first place your visitors land, it’s only one aspect of your website. Avoid being fixated on your homepage. Pay attention to other pages and ensure that they have the right information. Look at the banners, call to action, navigation and content hierarchy.

These are some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to redesigning your website. Talk to a Brisbane web design company today to learn more about the costs and expected timeline for a redesign project.

SEOSearch engine optimization is one of the most important parts of any online marketing strategy. That’s why you need to work with a credible and experienced SEO expert or agency to know how to do it properly. With hundreds of SEO firms offering their services, you need to find one that you can trust and be confident about.

Here are some things you need to learn about the SEO agency before hiring them:

List of Clients

A credible Minneapolis SEO firm should freely give you a list of their clients when you ask for it. If the firm is holding this information from you, then it only means that they’re hiding something, or they aren’t confident about their previous works. That automatically makes them a bad choice.

Improvement Plans

Any great SEO agency has a set of techniques ready to show off to potential clients to prove that they can provide the services needed to improve your website and SEO campaign. They should mention producing high-quality content to your website, as good SEO rankings are nothing without it.


Asking what guarantees they can promise you is actually a trick question. SEO agencies that are using unethical strategies will say that you can get higher rankings overnight. This is fishy because improving your search engine rankings and overall online performance takes time. Instead, look for a company that will give you reasonable guarantees, a timeline, and attainable goals.


Partnership is another important thing because you should have one goal in mind at all times. Ask what input you can give in the whole SEO process. They should know how important your input is, but they should also have the guts to tell you what will work best for your needs.

SEO can cost a lot, so it’s only important to make sure you’re hiring the best agency there is. This way, your time, money, and effort will be worth it once you reap the results of good online marketing.