• Travel Marketing Trends: What You Need to Follow this 2017

    Couple TravelingTravel marketers face a ton of new challenges. First and foremost, many competing marketers vying for visitors, which make it more difficult for consumers to decide. How could you possibly compete? To start, check out these new travel marketing trends and how you could leverage them to your advantage through a destination marketing application or widget.

    People Are Now Conducting More Searches Before Booking Anything

    Consumers now prefer shorter research sessions instead of longer research sessions. In turn, marketers feel the pressure of being always on top of SERPs, even if the possibility of getting these people to convert is low. If you want to take advantage of this trend but only have a limited budget, be very selective regarding whom and when to show your ads.

    Take Advantage of Mobile Searches

    The problem with this is that displaying ads to mobile searchers isn’t easy, so you need to be focused on ad ranking to get those sought after mobile spots. This means that you have to increase either your Quality Score or bids for mobile ads that don’t get an acceptable share of mobile impressions. You also have to be choosy with upgrades for bidding. Also, opt for steeper bid modifiers exclusively for high intent search terms and decrease your bids for low intent search terms.

    People Prefer Their Smartphones for Booking and Buying

    According to Google, conversion rates have increased up to 88% on mobile websites in the previous year. But Google also states that this percentage should be higher because according to mobile searchers, they switched devices for completing their booking instead of staying on their mobile device. The solution is a destination marketing application or widget that could scale to fit all types of screen sizes. Additionally, if your mobile conversion rates are low, you can reorganize your mobile landing pages. The main takeaway is—once a prospective visitor is prepared to book a service, make it as effortless and seamless as possible for them, regardless of which type of device they’re using.
    Put simply, understand these marketing trends and look for new ways to use them in your marketing plan. Rather than just telling people to “avail of this promo now” or “book now”, take advantage of marketing to acquire warmer leads and get the opportunity to convert those who are still undecided.