• Using Sorbent Pads & Rolls for Minor Oil, Chemical and Industrial liquid Spills

    An Oil SpillIndustrial companies should prioritise safety and cleanliness in their workplace. Different industrial companies are exposed to different types of risk, and whether these risks are major or minor, countermeasures should always be put in place.

    In industrial factories, a common hazard is an oil or chemical spill. There are different emergency response procedures on how to deal with these spills. One method of countering a minor spill is to use absorbent pads or rolls.

    There are different kinds of absorbent pads and rolls for different kinds of liquids, and some workplaces require different kinds of absorbents to clean up minor leakages or spills. The three kinds of absorbents are for universal, oil-only and chemical spills.

    Universal Pads & Rolls

    First, universal pads and rolls are all-purpose sorbents that are suitable for cleaning up oils, coolants, solvents and water-based fluids. These sorbents can be placed around heavy machinery, under leaky pipes or untidy traffic areas.

    They are composed of a highly absorbent meltblown polypropylene material. This determines its strength and absorbency characteristics. Durability, low linting, and absorption are its three core characteristics.

    Oil Only Pads & Rolls

    Second, oil only pads and rolls are specialised for petroleum-based spills. These pads and rolls do not absorb water and will float indefinitely in small puddles. They are effective in soaking up petroleum-based solvents, paints, vegetable oils and other non-water soluble chemicals.

    These pads and rolls are ideal for outdoor industrial applications. For example, it can be applied when responding to minor offshore or shipboard spills. The pads and rolls are impervious to temperature, decomposers and fungi.

    Chemical Pads & Rolls

    Finally, the chemical sorbents are surfactant-treated polypropylene pads and rolls. These can be used on a variety of chemical spills such as hydrofluoric acid drips or spills. Some chemical pads and rolls are colour-coded for so they are easily identified for the particular spill they are to be used on.

    For instance, a green chemical pad or roll indicates that it can be used to absorb aggressive fluids, while yellow coloured pads or rolls mean that it will not react to aggressive liquids.

    Overall, the use of different kinds of absorbents can ensure that a workplace remains clean and safe.