• Various Uses and Benefits of Electric Circuit Tracers and Finders

    • Vision Sensors Magazine
    • In Vision
    • 22 August 2016

    When to Use Electric Circuit TracersThere are different circumstances when you have to locate electrical circuits and wires in your walls. This could be when you need to find a fault or when you undertake some kind of home renovation. Advanced electrical wiring locators and circuit tracers are available today that can help you find the wires and circuit in the walls. These devices can also help you locate ground lines, feeders, control wiring, neutrals and branch circuits.

    • Dependable and quick way

    The electrical circuit tracer is the best, quick, safe and dependable way to find the wiring that defines the circuit. If you get an advanced electrical circuit tracer, then they are very easy to use. You can use them out of the box right away. They come with two components – you can plug one unit into the receptacle and run the other one, which is a probe to find the individual circuit breaker. The tracing unit comes with other accessories including a signal generator.

    • Uses of a tracer

    Tracing the electric circuit with a good tracer is very quick and virtually error free. It is no longer time-consuming and error-ridden, as it was a few years ago. This device can help you trace wires in ceilings, walls, cable trays, raceways and even underground. The electric tracers can also be used to locate insulation leakage. The tracer can help you pinpoint exactly where the cable has a leakage. They can also be used to locate shorts and dead circuits, if any.

    • Follow instructions

    It is, however, important to tune your circuit tracer properly so that they function optimally. Follow the instructions on the electrical circuit accurately and appropriately clip on your transmitter to the circuit breaker. This will help you get the signals correctly and give you error free messages. Today, advanced devices can help you trace live and open circuits in a matter of minutes.

    Make sure that you get the right type of electrical circuit tracer to suit your requirements.