• Why People Buy Smart Home Products

    Smart Home Device in IndianapolisSmart home products are becoming increasingly popular these days. These products are costly, but people still buy them. Why? Is it because they are convenient to use?

    To know the exact reason behind the popularity of smart home products, some smart home providers conducted a survey. Sixty-three percent of 1,300 respondents revealed that home security is their biggest motivation in buying a smart home device.

    Most Wanted Devices

    NorthStarHome.com says that it is typical that a homeowner wants a secure house. In fact, when asked about their most wanted smart devices, the survey respondents further showed their desire to improve their existing home security system. Forty percent of them said they are likely to buy a security camera while 26% answered video doorbell is their top priority for purchase. Others mentioned smart lights and smart locks as their must-have smart devices.

    When to Buy a Smart Home Device

     The survey also asked the respondents to cite instances that would encourage them to buy a smart home product. Forty-six percent said that if there would be break-ins in their neighborhood, they would quickly go and install a smart home security device. Twenty-six percent shared that moving into a new house is the perfect opportunity to buy a smart home product, while 14% answered home renovation as the right timing for the purchase. In the survey, only a few people indicated they would buy a smart home product for the mere convenience it provides.

    It seems that home security is the number one priority in American communities these days. People are willing to shell out cash just to make their homes secure from burglaries and other crimes. It is no wonder that the industry of smart home solutions is becoming stronger as the days go by. In fact, economic experts expect that this industry will grow further until 2020, as there’s no sign that smart home product providers are going to stop innovating and producing state-of-the-art smart home technologies.