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    Here are the Industries Americans Tend to Hate

    “Hate” may be a strong word, but for customers who feel wronged, it’s only a justifiable emotion. Before companies start rolling their eyes, a new report suggests there are indeed industries people despise. The Businesses Americans Love to Hate The Q2 2018 American Customer Satisfaction Index report highlighted some of the industries favored by consumers—and those that weren’t. […]

  • Are Printers Still Needed in Paperless Workplaces?

    The workplace as we know it has evolved from fixed and rigid to flexible and remote due to various advances in digital technology. However, as the digital workplace becomes more popular, it also creates new challenges regarding employee productivity. For one, not every traditional office tool must be ignored. While BYOD or bring your own […]

  • Mobile with home security system

    Newest Trends to Look Out for in Alarm Monitoring

    Alarm monitoring systems help communication between a home security system and the provider of the service. For instance, if there’s a burglary or a fire incident, or even a medical emergency case, the service provider is notified and they, in turn, do the necessary. Consequently, the intensity of home hazards is decreased. The past few years […]

  • Concept of online marketing

    Advertising Your Manufacturing Firm Online: 3 Ways to Do It

    The Internet has become the most utilized medium for businesses to market their products and services. In just over two decades, the changes in advertising, from largely print to overwhelmingly digital, have been remarkable. There are many ways to market a business – but a manufacturing firm may want to seek the services of a […]

  • GPS

    3 Unique Benefits of Dedicated GPS Units

    Most people today will get along with a very basic global positioning system (GPS) app on their smartphones. That’s especially true when all you need it for is to travel within your city or short jaunts to the countryside. If you’re a more serious adventurer, want to go transnational with your business, or even simply […]