Cost Estimating SoftwareIn the days before the advanced computer technology of today, construction companies did cost estimates only with people’s minds and hands. Now, cost estimates are done with the calculating power of computers. Of course, you can still conduct cost estimating manually. Unfortunately, many clients only give short time frames for cost estimation. When you want to meet client demands, you will likely have to rely on cost estimating software.

Truly Helpful Software

Not all software are created equal. Some programs work much better than others. It is then crucial for you and your construction company to use the right programs in your processes. The right programs will improve your workflow, increase accuracy in processes, and drive efficiency.

To help you choose the right cost estimating program, here is a brief guide:

Key Components

The key components to any software for cost estimating are accuracy and detailed breakdowns. These two components are even more crucial when it comes to a quantity take off or a bid summary. To identify these key components within software, you as an estimator, or any estimator you are working with can use different programs for different estimates. You can use either actual estimating tasks or hypothetical estimates.


When a software displays accuracy and detailed breakdowns of calculations, you can move on to evaluate the ease of use of the program as well as customization. Of course, user-friendly programs are better than incomprehensible interfaces. The appropriateness of the software also shows when the program can adapt to the particular way you do things in your company.

Other Factors

Other features you can evaluate are the scope of cost databases integrated within programs; the value of the programs compared to their prices; and how much the programs fulfill your estimating needs.

Although it may be argued that a perfect software cannot exist, you can still find the software that can get the job done satisfactorily. Besides, a program can only be as good as the actual human estimator. Pair great software with a great estimator, and you will have a great combination.